Root canal therapy

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Signs you may need root canal treatment include pain, prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold, tenderness to touch and chewing and discolouration of teeth. A root canal will often be required if decay has infected the nerve in the centre of the tooth or if the root is irreversibly damaged from a crack or trauma. An infected or dying nerve can be quite painful but once the nerve has been killed, the pain can reduce very dramatically almost instantly. However, the root canal will still need to be performed as the infection can travel to the jaw bone which will again start the onset of severe pain.

We take pride in saving as many teeth as possible while providing the most gentle root canal procedures possible. We treat the infection, remove the nerve, seal the space with canal treatment and finish the tooth with a filling or crown. We can generally complete a root canal treatment in 2-3 visits.

Once the root canal is completed, we will then complete your filling or crown.

  • Anaesthetic will wear off between 1-3 hours post procedure
  • Site tenderness can be experienced for a few days
  • Jaw might be sore due to having your mouth open for the length of the procedure
  • Hot, cold and pressure sensitivity may be present for a few days or weeks
  • Brush and floss your teeth carefully
  • Take pain medication if needed – speak to your dentist about what you can take