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What is Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics is not only about braces but an entire range of specialised corrective treatments and appliances that align teeth and jaws. Treatments can include different kinds of dental braces, retainers and headgear.

Our orthodontic treatments can change the entire appearance of your face and smile – not to mention functionality in your speech and eating.

Who is an Orthodontist?

Orthodontist specialists have completed further study after their dental degree. They specialise in assisting, preventing and treating particular dental issues such as overbites, incorrect jaw structure and misalignment of both teeth and jaws.

Who needs  Dental Braces?

Braces are one of the main types of orthodontist treatment options. Generally, people who receive braces get them for one of two main reasons: cosmetic, or medical.

Cosmetic reasons to get braces include:

  • wanting a straighter smile
  • fixing crooked teeth

Medical reasons to get braces include:

  • incorrect jaw position
  • fixing an under or overbite
  • jaw joint disorder
  • overcrowded or missing teeth

If untreated, these can lead to tooth decay, headaches, gum decay and speaking and eating problems.


Braces are not exclusively made for children. Nowadays, many adults choose to have braces in order to solve dental problems.

Most people receive orthodontic treatment between the ages of 10 to 14, as this is the time during which teeth are most accessible to straighten while the mouth and face are still forming.

Types of Braces

There are different types of braces available that are made up of a variety of materials. When most people think of braces, they think of brackets. Brackets can be made up of metal, ceramic or plastic and are bonded to the teeth.

Brackets can come in different colours and can be attached to either the front or back of the tooth. Whether attached to the front or the back, they are joined together by wires.


For adults, aligners may be available. These are essentially clear removable braces worn for two weeks at a time and removed for brushing, flossing and eating.

How do Braces Work?

In order to move teeth into the desired position, braces apply continuous pressure over a specific period of time. This slow movement of the teeth allows the bone to restructure and adjust to their new position. It is the arch wire in particular that places pressure upon the teeth.


Braces are generally worn for one to two years, depending on the individual’s dental situation. After braces, a retainer is worn to ensure the position of the teeth is preserved.

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