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How a Root Canal Procedure is Performed

Mention the words, root canal, and many people will shudder in horror although most aren’t even sure what the procedure involves.

While it’s true that a root canal procedure in the past was a painful treatment best avoided, modern root canals are almost painless with no suffering involved.

Understanding how and why a procedure is performed goes a long way to reducing the stress and anxiety if you ever do need a root canal treatment.

Why Would you Need a Root Canal Procedure?

Think of a root canal as a complex type of filling used to alleviate pain and suffering, not cause it.

It’s a simple procedure with minimal discomfort used to treat the pain and sensitivity of an infected or abscessed tooth.

Often, the tooth is cracked or damaged by decay or trauma and the root and pulp of the tooth becomes infected and very painful and sensitive to heat and cold.

A root canal procedure will save the tooth, prevent further damage to the surrounding bone, and relieve the pain, which can sometimes be unbearable and seemingly endless.

It essentially swaps the infected interior of your tooth with a safe synthetic filling and it’s an alternative to having the tooth completely removed, which results in further treatment later to replace the tooth.

How the Procedure is Performed

Before your dentist does anything you’ll be given a local anaesthetic so you’ll feel no pain.

Your dentist will then drill into the tooth, to enable access to the inside. The tooth pulp and any other matter such as bacteria and dead tissue is cleaned away, the tooth’s interior cavity is rinsed and disinfected ready for filling. Larger root canals may need several appointments.

The tooth is then filled and sealed to prevent further infection. After the root canal has healed and filling the tooth, the fitting a dental crown is to offer strength and also the tooth blends in with those surrounding it.


If you are having a dental crown fitted, it’s important not to wait too long after the procedure or else the tooth can suffer exterior damage from biting and chewing.

Avoid hard or chewy foods and brush and floss your teeth as you normally would.

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