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How Are Simple and Surgical Tooth Extractions Different?

Not all tooth extractions are the same, so if you need to have a tooth extracted it will require a simple or a surgical tooth extraction. But what’s the difference and which of the two do you need? The kind of extraction you need depends on the dental issue, and as compassionate dental professionals with our patients’ wellbeing our primary focus, we’ll always do our best to save your natural teeth and avoid tooth extractions where possible. However, if it isn’t possible to save your tooth, we’ll perform either a simple or surgical extraction to remove it.

Why You May Need A Tooth Extraction

Unhealthy teeth can have a negative effect on the neighbouring teeth as well as your gums and overall dental health, so when a tooth becomes severely decayed or damaged it may be necessary to remove it. What’s more, damaged teeth that aren’t removed or treated can bring on infections, caused by bacteria infecting the dental pulp where the nerves, blood vessels and tissues are located and spread to other parts of the gums and mouth.

Treating decayed and broken teeth with fillings or crowns is an option only when the issue is addressed in a timely manner, so it’s imperative to seek dental treatment as soon as you notice a problem and have a check-up at least twice a year. Therefore, when a tooth can’t be repaired with either a filling or a crown due to extensive decay or damage, having a tooth extraction and replacing it with a dental implant may be the best way to resolve the issue.

Along with decayed and damaged teeth that aren’t able to be repaired, impacted wisdom teeth are often extracted, as are teeth which have been affected by periodontal disease (a common gum disease that affects bone and teeth tissue) and aren’t adequately supported, as well as teeth which have crowded out others and pushed them out of place.

Simple or Surgical?

Your dentist will perform a simple tooth extraction when the affected tooth is above the gumline and requires only a lifter and forceps to remove. Simple tooth extractions are generally used for decayed or broken teeth that are still above the gumline, along with removing a tooth to address crowding issues. The process and healing time of a simple surgical extraction are quick, and most people find the tenderness goes away and that they can eat and drink normally within a few days. Care should always be taken to keep the site clean and free of food, so use a mouthwash regularly for the following few days.

As you may have guessed by the name or know from experience, surgical extractions are more complicated than simple tooth extractions and they also take longer to recover from. The procedure involves cutting into the gum to get to the tooth and remove it and is usually required for impacted wisdom teeth (either partially or fully covered by the gum) and for teeth which have broken below the gumline.

If you need to have a tooth extracted, please call Mango Hill Dental in North Lakes on 07 3482 2209 for a consultation. We offer a full range of dental services, including simple and surgical tooth extractions, and can also offer you additional solutions, like dental implants.