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Why Do You Need A Mouthguard for Your Sport?

Do you play a contact sport? Then you need a mouth guard. Wearing a mouth guard is the #1 way to protect your teeth when playing contact sports like rugby, Aussie Rules and martial arts, but they’re also essential for all kids, teenagers and adults who play sports like football (soccer) and netball.

Every year, thousands of Australians damage their teeth playing sports, with many sustaining serious damages that require expensive treatment. Strong, healthy teeth are a must for all, and with many young people at risk of tooth and mouth damage due to playing sports regularly, a custom mouth guard is an investment that delivers so many benefits.

Custom or Stock Mouth Guard?

You have three options when buying a mouth guard — ready-to-use and boil-and-bite mouth guards, and custom mouth guards which are bespoke created for your teeth and mouth. Boil-and-bite mouth guards provide better protection than ready-to-use mouth guards which tend to be bulky and don’t provide an adequate fit, but custom mouth guards are by far the best choice. The benefits to investing in a custom mouth guard include:

  • Custom mouth guards perfectly fit your teeth because they’re bespoke-made by your dentist. In comparison, ready-to-use mouth guards are bigger, bulkier and they may also make breathing difficult, which is hardly ideal when playing sports.
  • Custom mouth guards are made with higher quality materials than store-bought mouth guards and last significantly longer. While there are high-quality universal mouth guards on the market, custom mouth guards still provide greater benefits.
  • Statistics show that injury rates are higher among athletes who wear universal mouth guards than those who wear a custom mouth guard.

While custom mouth guards are more expensive, they deliver greater protection than other options and are by far the best investment you can make to protect your teeth while playing sports.

Tips for Buying and Maintaining Kids’ Custom Mouth Guards

When buying and maintaining a custom mouth guard for your child, there are a few things that you’ll need to bear in mind. Not only do you have to consider the effectiveness of the mouth guard and the protection that it provides, but you also have to consider the financial investment that you’ve made and encourage your child to take care of it. After all, custom mouth guards are pricier than other options and, naturally, you want to get the most from the investment that you’ve made.

  • Mouth guards should be worn during training and competitions, so a quality mouth guard that can be worn several times a week comfortably is a must.
  • Your child will grow out of their mouth guard as their teeth and mouth grows, so you may need to replace it every year.
  • Your child will need to keep it in a container and clean it regularly using toothpaste and a toothbrush.
  • Bright-coloured mouth guards are ideal as they can easily be spotted if they fall out while playing!

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