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Why Is Professional Teeth Whitening Better Than DIY?

As teeth lose their whiteness and brightness over time due to age, diet and other factors, teeth whitening treatments are extremely popular, with both professional and DIY options available. If you’ve researched teeth whitening options, you’d know that professional teeth whitening services are pricier than DIY products, but which is the right choice?

As a leading North Lakes dental clinic providing both professional teeth whitening services in our clinic and at-home treatments, we know the ins and outs of choosing the right teeth whitening treatment for your teeth, budget and long-term dental health. Here are a few points to consider when exploring the teeth whitening options available to you.

High-Quality, Safe Treatments

The first and most important point to consider with teeth whitening is your safety. Despite the higher cost, professional teeth whitening is conducted in a safe environment by a fully qualified dental professional, so many naturally feel that in-clinic teeth whitening is the right choice for them. However, high-quality at-home treatments, like those we offer at our clinic, are safe to use, but do you feel confident enough to manage the treatment yourself?

Do You Feel Comfortable Doing It Yourself?

DIY teeth whitening treatments can be very easy to use, but you must feel confident about performing the treatment at home. If you don’t feel comfortable, a professionally performed teeth whitening treatment will likely be the best option for you. However, our specialists are happy to explain the procedure to you should you choose an at-home treatment.

Getting the Right Advice

A prominent reason why many prefer professional teeth whitening to DIY options is that you get experienced and qualified advice from a dental expert. For people with dental issues like sensitive teeth, choosing a professionally conducted treatment provides confidence and peace of mind that you won’t damage your teeth and that there won’t be any side effects.

You can still get the benefits and peace of mind that our teeth whitening specialists provide with our at-home treatments, so provided you don’t have any major dental issues, this is an option for you to consider.


Whether you lead a busy lifestyle or time isn’t an issue, chances are you don’t want to spend more time on teeth whitening treatments than you need to. At-home whitening tends to take significantly longer and requires more treatments than professional whitening, with most at-home treatments needing daily applications for days if not weeks, while halogen light treatments take a single session. As such, professional treatments are far more convenient.

The Colour Difference

The major difference between DIY and professional teeth whitening is the whitening effect and the results delivered, with in-clinic treatments delivering significantly more noticeable effects. Professional whitening treatments are usually at least 4x as effective as DIY options.

Both in-clinic and at-home teeth whitening treatments have something to offer everyone looking for a brighter, whiter smile, but it’s safe to say that professional treatments outweigh DIY options in terms of safety, convenience and results. To book a consultation or learn more about our teeth whitening services, contact Mango Hill Dental on 07 3482 2209.