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Tooth Fillings in North Lakes

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Tooth fillings are the simple, go-to solution for simple cavities and cracks in your teeth.

Reasons for Fillings

There are many different types of dental fillings, including:

  • Cavity filling: If you have a cavity, your dentist will need to drill and then fill that space so as to avoid tooth loss and further decay.
  • Small holes: Not every hole in your teeth is a cavity, but they could still benefit from being filled to avoid the collection of bacteria, which could later lead to a cavity or decay.
  • Cracked tooth
  • Molar fillings
  • Preventative fillings: Everyone has different shaped teeth, and some are more prone to cavities than others.

Types of Filling Materials

Mango Hill Dental offer aesthetically pleasing, tooth-coloured fillings which means you won’t have unattractive metal fillings in your mouth.

With our team of dental experts, we are able to use fillings to maximise the amount of tooth that can be conserved. Our fillings are biocompatible and tooth coloured so they look and feel natural.

Pain and Anxiety

Our dentists are thorough and efficient. We use a range of pain relief options to ensure that your procedure is quick, and pain and stress-free.

We take pain and anxiety management very seriously, so if you have any questions about your procedure, please let us know and we will ensure that you will be completely comfortable.

Replacement Fillings

Aesthetic Choices

Many people receive fillings at one stage within their lifetime, and after the initial filling, they may, at some point, choose to replace it. This may occur because they wish to replace older amalgam fillings for aesthetic reasons, but it may also occur if the filling needs replacing.

Does My Filling Need Replacing?

If your filling is leaking, has decay, or if the tooth is cracked, it is highly likely that your filling will need replacing. This will be determined after an x-ray and check-up with your dentist, who will then provide you with all the options relevant to your situation.

The Procedure

Many people ask what happens when they get a filling, but the exact procedure depends on your unique situation and the reason you are getting it.

If it involves cavity treatment, your dentist will apply a local anaesthetic that numbs your mouth. After the anaesthetic has taken effect, we will drill to remove the cavity. After the cavity has been drilled, your dentist will fill in the hole – which will only take a few minutes. Your mouth, however, may remain numb for several hours after the procedure.

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